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Our Story

 Never underestimate the Power of a real sign 

The facts are impressive, most people realize the selling power of a good sign. We Believe it is an essential part of marketing a property for fast results.

Real Estate Signs have been specializing in the manufacture and supply of signage for the Real Estate Industry for many years.

We offer a complete proofing service with quick delivery and responds to tight deadlines.

We have a dedicated team committed to the full design process from the order of signs to delivery. 

Customizing a sign within certain criteria can be a delicate process. New technology is continuously evaluated for its impact on quality, price and production.

Our premises are located at 117 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland, 1061
To achieve maximum efficiency please use the order forms included and do not hesitate
to call Edith at 09 818 6330 for any additional information you may need.

     Our Services      


Whether you’re the proud owner of a chain of supermarkets or a cosy little cafe, it’s safe to say that point of sale and commercial signage can work wonders for boosting your profits.

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We are able to produce various promotional materials,  vinyl stickers, stickers, sign boards, vinyl lettering and many other promotional materials.

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  Screen Print

Offering great registration stability, printing speeds and color control. Five Colour In-Line Screen Printing - the only one of its kind in the country

  Digital Print

Invested in outstanding versatility, automation and print quality through a broad range of applications on multiple substrates

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